Colleen Drews is the Lead Coordinator for the Traumatic Players of Cleveland, LLC.  She has been an active member of the West Shore Community Response Team since 2009 and through this organization has had the privilege to work with several police and fire departments in different training opportunities.  Through the participation of these trainings, a new concept was born.  

      It is her hope that her team of volunteers are seen as a positive enhancement to the active shooter drills and mass casualty drills that they participate in.  

"Work is well worth the price"~ N. J. Lead Instructor, Tactical Medics International 


Traumatic Players have experience in active shooter training with and without simunition.  We have worked under many different law enforcement agencies and have respected the integrity of their training needs.


OUR team leaders HAVE the experience needed to facilitate your training needs. 

Our team is lead by individuals trained in ICS and NIMS and follow proper chain of command procedures.

Our team leaders can help facilitate and evaluate your teams final drill.  Depending on your needs, we are also able to set up your training environment with hazards and organize and place your victims.


"Amateurs practice so they get it right.  Professionals practice so they don't get it wrong!" ~Anonymous

 We enhance that practice!

  • Role Player Procurement
  • Moulage Technitions
  • Simunition Technitions
  • Volunteer Victim Coordination
  • Trauma environment set up 

We have facilitated in many mass casualty drills.  From airport drills to tornado simulations, we have the abilities to handle drills of any size.