Pre-Drill Activities

 - Procure predetermined number victims for drill, via emails, website etc. 

 - Will be main contact and liaison between said volunteers and drill coordinators. 

 - Will manage and guarantee requested amount of role players respond and attend as requested.

Moulage / Techs

 - Moulage for up to XX victim role players matching needs for START Triage levels (i.e. black, red, yellow, green) with specific injuries, illnesses, and conditions as requested for scenario.

- Add needed number of moulage artists for size of drill.

Scene Facilitation

 - Placement of role players with protection of surfaces from moulage materials;

 - Acting coaching for role players, specific to assigned roles;

 - All necessary briefings to role players including real life emergency procedures, off-limit areas, restrictions, etc.;

 - Oversight of safety, wellness, and accountability of role players;

 - Assistance with set-up and restoration of facility.

Mini Mass Casualty Drill In House  (Fire/Medic Training)
- All of the above services brought to your station

Standardized Victims

- Need standardization?  We can do that.  Run multiple mini-scenarios all at one time.  Get your personel trained quickly and accurately with in your specifications.

(Hostage situations, Dealing with special needs or mentally challenged, Mini drills geared for a specific learning agenda).

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?  Let us know.  Contact us!

Consultation/Contractor Services

Traumatic Players is a group based in the Greater Cleveland Area, but we can service all over Ohio.  Kind of a "Have moulage will travel" type of arrangement.  Please don't hesitate to request a quote for our services. 

Let us help you create that feeling of realism for your team.  

Contact us to see how we can help enhance the realism of your training.

Moulage Samples

"Amateurs practice so they get it right.  Professionals practice so they don't get it wrong!" ~Anonymous

 We enhance that practice!