"Amateurs practice so they get it right.  Professionals practice so they don't get it wrong!" ~Anonymous

 We enhance that practice!

Traumatic Players is a group based in the Greater Cleveland Area, but we can service all over Ohio.  Kind of a "Have moulage will travel" type of arrangement.  Please don't hesitate to request a quote for our services. 

Moulage Samples

Contact us to see how we can help enhance the realism of your training.

Pre-Drill Activities

 - Procure predetermined number victims for drill, via emails, website etc. 

 - Will be main contact and liaison between said volunteers and drill coordinators. 

 - Will manage and guarantee requested amount of role players respond and attend as requested.

Moulage / Techs

 - Moulage for up to XX victim role players matching needs for START Triage levels (i.e. black, red, yellow, green) with specific injuries, illnesses, and conditions as requested for scenario.

- Add needed number of moulage artists for size of drill.

Scene Facilitation

 - Placement of role players with protection of surfaces from moulage materials;

 - Acting coaching for role players, specific to assigned roles;

 - All necessary briefings to role players including real life emergency procedures, off-limit areas, restrictions, etc.;

 - Oversight of safety, wellness, and accountability of role players;

 - Assistance with set-up and restoration of facility.

Mini Mass Casualty Drill In House  (Fire/Medic Training)
- All of the above services brought to your station

Standardized Victims

- Need standardization?  We can do that.  Run multiple mini-scenarios all at one time.  Get your personel trained quickly and accurately with in your specifications.

(Hostage situations, Dealing with special needs or mentally challenged, Mini drills geared for a specific learning agenda).

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?  Let us know.  Contact us!

Consultation/Contractor Services

Let us help you create that feeling of realism for your team.