What is AWLS Training?

Advanced Wilderness Life Support course is a Wilderness Medicine course for outdoor adventurers. Hands-on courses that reinforce the skills needed in remote settings.  These training are OUTSIDE and in all types of WEATHER.

This is our scheduled calendar of events.  Dates and times of events can change.  These calendars will be updated accordingly. Locations are generalized and are within a 5 - 10 mile radius to the training site.  Actual address will be given to those who are scheduled to participate.  General info on the type of trainings and what is expected of you as a role player is detailed below this calendar.  If interested in participating please email us at traumaticplayers@gmail.com or fill out the volunteer role players request form on the volunteer section of our website www.traumaticplayers.com  Thank you for your interest in helping out at these events and have a nice day.

What is Rescue Task Force (RTF) Training?

Rescue Task Force means a set of teams deployed to provide point of wound care to victims where there is an on-going ballistic or explosive threat. These teams treat, stabilize, and remove the injured while wearing Ballistic Protective Equipment (BPE) in a rapid manner under the protection of the Police Department

What is CIT?

A Crisis Intervention Team is a police mental health collaborative program found in North America. The term "CIT" is often used to describe both a program and a training in law enforcement to help guide interactions between law enforcement and those living with a mental illness. Wikipedia

What is TECC Training?

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care course teaches EMS practitioners and other prehospital providers how to respond to and care for patients in a civilian tactical environment.

What is expected of a Role Player? 

Check your ego at the door.  We are here to enhance the training, NOT RUN IT, NOR RUIN IT!

Perform your role as directed.  No off scripts unless you are directed to do so.

Be coachable.

Be respectful of all involved.

"Amateurs practice so they get it right.  Professionals practice so they don't get it wrong!" ~Anonymous

 We enhance that practice!